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    Looking for — Belgrade’s Youth

    Between East and West, past and future, Yes and No to Europe — Belgrade is faced with a lot of challenges and is in search of a stable identity. Corruption still determines politics and causes a shrinking trust into the government and other authorities. The unemployment rate is high, especially young well-educated people emigrate for better opportunities and higher wages. The project focus on people between 18 and 24, the last generation that had experienced the Kosovo War. Looking for their own identity, they are full of visions, ideals and hopes.

    In collaboration with Yoshiko Jentczak

    Master Studio Culture and Identity
    University of the Arts Bremen

    Peter Bialobrzeski
    Andrea Rauschenbusch

    Looking For — Teaser

    Special Thanks
    Ivana Andrejic
    Darija Dzekulic
    Oliver Frater
    Bogdan Ilic
    Jovana Kurmazović
    Luka and Filip Likaroski
    Stefan Loncar
    Nikola Mandic
    Vladan Stojkovic